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What is the Spoolsv.exe error?
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Causes of Spoolsv.exe error

Computers are not man’s best friend and there’s a good reason for that, there are actually a lot of computer errors which can affect anyone who is using a computer. One very common computer error is known as the Spoolsv.exe error.

Causes of Spoolsv.exe

There are many different reasons that you might suffer from the spoolsv.exe error, these errors are very common and you will need to try and identify what the problem is so that you stand a good chance of correcting it. If there are too many SPL or SHD files on your computer then they will mean that you will experience the Spoolsv.exe error.

There are many different reasons why you might experience the same issue. You might have a virus infection for example which will cause a similar spoolsv.exe error. A virus scanner will be required to repair this error and make sure that it works properly.

The most common cause of the spoolsv.exe problem is due to registry problems. If there are any problems with the windows registry then this has the chance of causing a spoolsv.exe error.

Fixing Spoolsv.exe Error

The method of fixing the spoolsv.exe error will depend mainly on the problem which caused the error in the first place. If the problem is being caused because of too many files on the computer then they can be deleted.

You could also use system restore as a method of restoring your computer back to a time when it did work properly. System restore is useful functions in most versions of windows which will make your computer revert back to a time when it worked properly.

Registry problems can be restored by using registry scanners. Registry scanners search for errors in the registry and correct them for you automatically. Never touch the registry manually.

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