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This is a great resource I have found on the net and I really recommend reading it. It helped many people get rid of their error code 10 problems.

What is error code 10?

Well, this error is the Windows Device Manager default error. Whenever the device manager gets an exception that it doesn’t know where did it come from and how to handle it, it throws this error. This error can be very annoying and can stop your computer from working correctly. Fortunately, this error code is an easy to solve. In just a few steps you’ll can get rid of it forever.

The error source problem – The Registry

For all of you who doesn’t know, the registry is the place where Windows stores all of its critical and important keys and information that are vital for windows to run properly. Any manual change to the registry can cause serious damage to your computer and it can force formatting the computer. Touching the registry manually is not recommended unless you know what you do for sure. I’ll say it again, don’t try to mess with the windows registry unless you are a computer engineer or you know this system very well, believe me, it can cause much much trouble to your PC and a lot of frustration. Here is a list a just a few errors that registry errors and invalid entries can cause:

  • Windows running slow
  • Internet explorer errors
  • The internet runs slow
  • Windows crashes and freezes
  • Blue screens
  • Missing dll errors
  • Access violation errors
  • Windows icons disappearing from the desktop

Those are just a few of what registry errors and invalid entries can do to your computer.

So, How can I fix the registry?

Well, just use a registry cleaner, this is the most effective and secure way to handle this error code. Scan your computer for registry errors and invalid entries and fix the using the registry cleaner.

Read my article about How to fix Error code 10 – This device cannot start” for a step by step fix.

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