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What is the Spoolsv.exe error?
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Windows Vista, XP, 98 & 7

Spoolsv.exe error On Vista, XP. 98 and Windows 7

The spoolsv.exe error is a very common computer problem which can affect all Windows based computers. If your computer is experiencing the spoolsv.exe error then you must get it sorted as soon as possible.

The spoolsv.exe error can affect all versions of Windows, including Windows 98, XP, Vista, and the newest version of windows, Windows 7. There are actually a number of reasons why this spoolsv.exe error exists and you will need to learn how to fix it so that you can make your computer much more reliable.

Causes of the Spoolsv.exe Error on windows

There are a few different causes of the spoolsv.exe error on windows, it’s important to try and identify the cause of the issue so that you can learn how to fix and repair the problem. One of the most common causes of the issue is because of too many SHD and SPL files being stored in the printer’s spooler directory. This can cause the spoolsv.exe error to pop up and it will also make it impossible to print.

Other potential causes of the spoolsv.exe error are due to viruses, spyware or registry problems. These are also very common errors which you will need to learn how to put right. All computers must have a virus scanner installed as this will be a useful tool to fully protect your computer. Without a virus scanner your computer is exposed to unnecessary risk.

Spyware is very similar to computer viruses but these cannot normally be removed by using virus scanners. You will need to install a spyware scanner alongside your virus scanner to ensure your computer is protected from all threats.

What is the Registry?

The windows registry is a large database which stores all sorts of computer settings. These settings include instructions how to use software and hardware on your computer. If there are any errors or problems in your computers registry then this can stop your computer from working at all. Computer errors are quite often caused by registry problems which is why they can often be repaired by using a registry scanner.

Registry scanners are automated pieces of software which will scour the registry on your computer and find a way of putting it right. If there are any errors contained in the registry then you will need to find a way of correcting them.

It is technically possible to manually correct these problems by using RegEdit, however this is a very dangerous as even the smallest mistake could leave your computer completely unusable. A much more efficient and safer option is to use RegGenie. RegGenie is an automated registry scanner which will automatically scan for any problems with the registry and correct them.

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