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What is the Spoolsv.exe error?
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What is the Spoolsv.exe error?

Computers are wonderful inventions and they are supposed to make our lives much easier than they are normally. However there are lots of problems which can make computers much less user friendly than they normally are. If you are suffering from computer errors then these can damage your computer and make it much less useable.

Understanding the Spoolsv.exe Error

When using a computer it’s important to understand all sorts of computer errors, this includes the spoolsv.exe error. Spoolsv.exe is a file which is used by the windows printer service to spool documents to the printer. This isn’t an essential process but it is required if you are ever going to print.

If there are any problems with the printing process on your windows based computer then this could result in spoolsv.exe errors. This could end up making your computer unable to print properly.

If there are too many files cluttering up the spool folder on your computer then this will cause the spoolsv.exe error. You might be able to fix this manually by finding out where the problem is and then deleting them. The files exist to speed up spooling of documents but they should be deleted after the job has finished, if something happened then they might get left without being deleted.

Repairing Spoolsv.exe Errors

When it comes to repairing the spoolsv.exe error message you will find the easiest option by far is to use registry cleaning software. Registry scanners are fully automatic pieces of software which will search for any problems in the registry and help you to fix it. Choose a registry scanner which will back up your registry just in case it manages to make things worse. Choose a reliable registry scanner which offers all of the features that you require.

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